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sure they have computer skills and get the best education. >> they will have to launch another fund-raiser. >>> an earthquake warning system is one step closer to becoming reality. . >> beep, beep, beep, earthquake, shaking expected in 20 seconds. >> reporter: the warning system is in limits use in the bay area. new legislation would make it available across california. >> it is a prediction system but can give you 15, 30, 60 seconds of warning before violent shaking. >> reporter: enough time for bart to or stop trains or firefighters to open garage doors. >> we want to communication information faster than the earthquake waves travel. so a fire station or a school over a house, we want to give them information so they can take action. >> reporter: it will save lives vi a cell phone. >> imagine what it means for a surgeon or a crane operator or someone in a tunnel. >> reporter: the cost would be $80 million. the legislation doesn't say where the money will come from only that they have until january 1st, 2016 to find the funding. >> reporter: it was a nice afternoon. the upper 60s t
would go up 24 cents. there was a statement issued that californiaians calihave r this. education and physical activity are a better health strategy. >>> some of you have sent in your best halloween costumes. there is a baby in a pumpkin. there is our grant and justine. we will show these on facebook on our page and share them on the air. >>> skies have been clearing as we look live. you can see the clear conditions and also through the sierras. this is now long gone. the clear skies and cooler air will be in the 30s like santa rosa and napa. 42 in daly city. 42 in livermore. the areas highlighted on the screen are in effect until 9:00 in the morning. we will see frosty wind shields. here is a look at our afternoon high. upper 60s for the most part. san francisco 50s at the coast. we will continue a warming trend. we will be back in the 70s by friday. for your halloween thursday not bad. we will have the forecast in just a minute. temperatures will cool. we will have cloud cover and winds will pick up. the next couple of days will be warmer. halloween looking good. a little chill
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2